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Fradswell Community Hub

Fradswell Lane • Fradswell •Staffs ST18 0EY

Fradswell church, St James the Less

St James the Less, Fradswell

Fradswell was first mentioned as part of Colwich parish, in the Domesday Book, where it listed Frodawelle or Frodeswelle. It is likely to have been an Anglian settlement established during the Dark Ages.

The village received a church of its own in the 13th century, when the chapel of St James the Less was established. The chancel survives, but the main part of the church was rebuilt in 1764.


Rogation 2020

Fradswell celebrates Rogation thanks to Paul and Sarah

Frapfest! crushing apples to make Fradswell Cider!

Harvest 2020

Celebrating harvest, nature ...and Fradswell at its best.

gotta be in it to win it!


Draw: 2nd Saturday of month.

Proceeds: 60% village hall funds 40% to winner!

Winner gets £100+


Tickets £5 by standing order

Contact Tom - or any committee member

for public use

Public use defibrillator is sited near Village Hall front door.

No training needed. Verbal prompts throughout.

Open box & take defib to emergency point

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