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Fradswell Community Hub

Fradswell Lane • Fradswell •Staffs ST18 0EY

Our Vision:

'A vibrant community hub

at the heart of Fradswell,

providing local opportunities

to meet, socialise,

learn, share

and shop,

A model for rural community engagement'


Our Values:


We want to provide opportunities, facilities and services within the community to reduce isolation and the need to travel.


Our community has been here for generations. In all we do we strive to ensure it is here for generations to come.


We want to engage every part of our community, recognising the threat of rural isolation, especially being aware of the need to involve the young and the elderly.


We aim to provide opportunities that truly enable people, through teaching new skills and encouraging enterprise


Whatever we seek to do in the future we should always be proud of and embrace our tradition


"Stunning garden, lovely place to sit and take in the views" MJ

"Always deliver a great night of entertainment" GM

"The most welcoming place I've ever visited!

Nothing was too much trouble" PT

"Fradswell is just the best place to live. It's a real community - and people really care" JM

gotta be in it to win it!


Draw: 2nd Saturday of month.

Proceeds: 60% village hall funds 40% to winner!

Winner gets £100+


Tickets £5 by standing order

Contact Tom - or any committee member

for public use

Public use defibrillator is sited near Village Hall front door.

No training needed. Verbal prompts throughout.

Open box & take defib to emergency point

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