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Fradswell Community Hub

Fradswell Lane • Fradswell •Staffs ST18 0EY

demolition, rebuild and opening!





Old to New...



The journey in pictures (left),

from demolition of our old hall,

to opening of our new hall.

(oldest photos at bottom)


The project took approximately 8 years,

(from first ideas, fundraising,

engagement, legals, Big Lottery involvement)

to completion.


The new hall was opened by the

children of Fradswell,

right on target,

on 16th July 2016




Building a Community by Barry Dore

is the story of the eight year project

to build the new village hall,

plus all the trials and tribulations along the way!

Available now (£10 + postage)

by Barry Dore

The Serenity Garden and Village Green...

The Serenity Garden (right)

was completed in 2017.

Wonderfully generous donations

of time, labour, money, plants

and a stunning summerhouse and greenhouse,

as well as a generous donation

from The Big Lottery,

allowed us to complete this project.

The Village Green and Serenity Garden

are there for you to enjoy at any time.

The perfect place to relax and enjoy the view!

A place for all to relax and play!
gotta be in it to win it!


Draw: 2nd Saturday of month.

Proceeds: 60% village hall funds 40% to winner!

Winner gets £100+


Tickets £5 by standing order

Contact Tom - or any committee member

for public use

Public use defibrillator is sited near Village Hall front door.

No training needed. Verbal prompts throughout.

Open box & take defib to emergency point

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